Crazy tree


Among the fruit trees here in Catalonia there is one who seems to have lost all of it´s common sense: the Almond Tree (Prunus dulcis). It has become like a symbol for springtime because it is the among the first trees in the meditarranean area to produce it´s beautiful white and pink flowers.

It doesn´t care about temperatures, in early february with or without temperatures above or below zero, with or without snow and ice, it flowers and covers itself in white.  Sometimes I wonder if we are going to eat any almond at all that year because in early february i can be very cold here, january and february are statistically the coldest months.

Almond flower springtime
© Photographer: Joan Egert | Agency:

Something is happening

In spite of the general tendency for a changing (warming up, that is) climate, this winter here in Catalonia was rather cold with several days below freezing point and generous snowfalls on a few occasions.

For that reason it seemed that most fruit trees in our garden were not specially in a hurry to make their buds grow but rather preferred to “wait and see”.

Just a few days ago I took my camera and macro lens and went out to see what I would find in the world of the little, unseen and overseen “things.”

First fact I realized was that the trees were no longer waiting for better times: the Willow Trees at the Congost River near the city of Granollers were blooming with beautiful catkins and I made sure to try my best to get some decent shots of them so as to get at least one “keeper” to upload to my agency Dreamstime.

Willow Tree catkin sprout springtime
© Photographer: Joan Egert | Agency:

On another day I visited one of my most liked areas: the Vallcarquera Creek at the village of El Figaro, some kilometers from my home village L´Ametlla del Vallès. This natural area at the feet of the nature park of the Montseny Massif, has a high ecologic value harbouring interesting and unique botanic and zoologic treasures as for example the Aesculapian Snake which I managed to photograph some time ago.

Aesculapian snake on branch
© Photographer: Joan Egert | Agency:

Walking on the nature trail I concentrated on various fungi of different shapes, colors and species. I didn´t do very well in my photos actually and finally only kept the image you can see here in this post. I have no idea about the species but was atracted by it´s tiny size and bright orange color. The recent rains and rising temperatures had allowed this creature to grow and thrive in a season which is normally not favourable to it.

Orange Mushroom on log macro
© Photographer: Joan Egert | Agency:


It´s not yet time but today I saw my first Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) in a riverine forest near to the Congost River, Granollers (Catalonia).

Day temperatures around 20 ºC animate them to come out, it seems. Night temperatures have also improved staying above 9ºC.